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    At KFA Camp, it’s important to us that our experiential learning knowledge is shared far and wide and isn’t limited to those that are part of the camp experiences we provide to Victorian and Southern NSW schools. That’s why we have invested time in developing The Good Experiential Learning newsletter. This resource shines a light on personal development, wellbeing and resilience initiatives across research, professional development, conferences, school strategies and real-experience storytelling.

    Our GoodEL insights will drop into your inbox once per term and will also beavailable on our website.

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    Shape Future Learning

    Very soon, you'll have the chance to join an exciting research project about how your fellow educators are implementing wellbeing and personal development strategies through experiential learning. You’ll be able to see exactly where your school fits within the segments, making sure the findings are super relevant to you. Just a heads up, spots for full participation are limited.

    Find out more about the research and register your interest (get first dibs) here.

    Community Stories

    Each term, we’ll shine a light on stories from our school communities around Victoria and Southern NSW. To kick off our first edition, we’re excited to share two inspiring stories.

    Camberwell Girls Grammar School - In May, the year 7 girls from CGGS visited us for the first time, along with wellbeing influencer Dr. Judith Locke, for a 5-day Young Rhythms program. Dr. Locke’s work is helping to shape CGGS’s approach to wellbeing, so our Director read The Bonsai Student, and briefed the facilitation team to better reach CGGS’s outcomes.

    At programs end, the connections between the facilitation crew and the girls were heartwarming and filled with gratitude.

    Read more about their experience here

    The methodology driving our programs

    Trinity College, Albury - The TC students are long-time friends of KFA Camp. Their year 8 students returned in May for a 4-day Introduction to Outdoors program in a hybrid hike and hardtop format. This year, we switched things up with intentional resilience building, making it an intense and rewarding experience. 

    Delve more into their adventure here

    Start a conversation with the KFA Camp team.

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    The Next Big Thing

    Our intuition often tells us things well before science catches up and “discovers” them. Take the benefits of meditation, for example.

    Our R&D team (Col and Jye) have had a ‘thing’ in mind for some time that is perfect for the EL setting and it promises awesome returns for long term youth wellbeing.  

    Here's the video Col and Jye​​​​​​ reference above

    Here are some thought-provoking questions for you to reflect on about the video...​

    Was there emotion present?
    What was it?
    Does your intuition tell you it’s a good emotion and experience?
    Can I take this experience forward with me to my tomorrows?  How? Why would I want to?

    Jye is planning to answer these questions for students during experiential programs and give them the opportunity to change many of their tomorrows!

    Upcoming Events and Resources

    Live updates available on our events & r​​​​​​esour​​ces page


    🤓Education Summit
    2 - 3 August, Brisbane
    A nationwide conference with five streams, one of which is Wellbeing. We're sure this event will prove to be just as amazing as the Melbourne one in June!

    🤩 Happiness and Its Causes
    2 Nov, Sydney
    In its 19th year, this event gathers top international and local wellbeing experts. The KFA Camp crew will be there 💡

    👍🏻 Positive Schools
    21-22 Nov, Melbourne
    A two-day professional development and strategy workshop, resulting in a Contextual Wellbeing action plan for your school. 

    🌳 National Outdoor Education Conference
    4-6 Dec, Gippsland
    Focused on outdoor recreation with multiple streams. 

    👩🏾‍💻 EduTech 
    content TBC

    👩🏼‍🏫 VASSP 
    content TBC

    Development Resources

    ⭐️ Positive Education Schools Association
    Perfect for GoodEL, featuring a bi-annual conference. 

    🍁 Outdoors Victoria
    Teacher-targeted resources and ongoing topical webinars. 

    A recent OV recorded Zoom session focused on Time In Lieu strategies for schools.​You can watch it here 🎥.

    What’s catching your eye? Promote your GoodEL conferences, webinars, and resources here.

    Beyond the Camp

    Journey Development Programs, our sister business, delivered this extraordinary journey to Gariwerd (Grampians National Park). The Positive Start program participants from Ashwood High School enjoyed an exciting, challenging and rewarding hike program which included wellbeing processes - what better place. Learn more below 👇🏻

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     What to look out for . . . (in our next edition)

    1. Geelong College on JDP’s Whitsundays program 

    2. A snapshot of our AWEsome research project 

    3. A snapshot of our school's Experiential Learning strategies research

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